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Chimney Installation with D Evans Roofing Limited

Chimney Installation by D Evans Roofing Limited Birmingham

Choosing to install a new chimney? Or maybe it's time to repair or remove your existing one?

D Evans Roofing LTD has been installing and repairing high quality fireplaces and chimneys for over 30 years and has experience in every style of chimney and building. Installing a brand new stove or fireplace is a great selling point for any house adding value to the property and also a unique feature to the living spaces in your home. Our high attention to detail in every job we undertake has provided us with an excellent reputation throughout the West Midlands.

We oversee all chimney and stove installation from start to finish. Our expert team are fully trained in all aspects of chimney installation so that when we attend to a job we can be sure that every part of the chimney is properly installed and pass our high standards of safety and workmanship. Chimneys provide the perfect way to enhance the look of your home, giving it a regal, traditional feel.

Dealing with chimneys is a job for the professionals. So why choose us?

At D Evans Roofing LTD, you'll find specialist roofers with years of experience building and installing unique chimneys stacks and flues.

Some homeowners view fireplaces as welcome aesthetic additions to their home, however, for others, they are regarded as taking up too much floor and room space. Removing existing chimneys is becoming more prevalent, allowing you to extend your living space and save money on your heating bills.

D Evans Roofing LTD are experts in:

  • Chimney stack removal
  • New chimney installation
  • Existing chimney repair and restoration
  • Close analysis of the chimney structure
  • Assessment of your roof, walls and upper floors
  • Lead Flashings


Does your Chimney Require Attention?
You can look out for signs that your chimney is in need of attention and call us immediately if you notice any of the following:

  • Light dust or debris appearing around the base of your chimney
  • Brickwork or mortar fall into your fireplace
  • The fire fails to draw efficiently
  • A build up of soot and tar
  • Fumes such as carbon monoxide leaking into the room
  • Your fireplace or stove is using more fuel than it should

The chimney forms part of the original structure of a house, therefore Chimney stack removal should only be undertaken by a professional team with sufficient knowledge and expertise in the area; at D Evans Roofing LTD, our 30 years' experience means you'll find roofers with both in abundance.

Ask us today for a quotation on fireplace and chimney installation and we can offer you a very competitive price.
For any chimney installations call 0800 374 267 or 07788 251438

For any chimney installations call 0800 374 267 or 07788 251438

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